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Australia, the continent-country, is a country with a cultural diversity, exuberant nature with a growing economy but which in turn of density it has one of the lowest levels of population per square kilometer in the world. This, in terms of sport is a big problem while organizing all competitions, now we are going to talk about it and in particular on the Australian Football League system.

In this country the most famous and most popular sports are Australian soccer, horse racing, cricket, rugby and football. Also it is important to highlight that there is a high number of people who practice other sports such as hockey, swimming or surfing. In this post we will focus on football.

The A-League or Hyundai A-League is the highest class competition of systems leagues in Australia, it accounts for 10 teams that play from spring to summer (August to April) from the 2005-2006 season. This championship was born in 2004 when the FFA (Australian Football Federation) wanted to professionalize football and replace the old National Soccer League hold since 1977.

Current Classification of the A-League

In this competition there are no divisions, no promotion or relegation, so the addition of new equipment it depends on the FFA. In addition we have to say that this league has been attached to the Asian Football Confederation since 2006. Highlight that the Sydney CF, this team was the first champion and it is currently one of the best teams with the Wellington CF or Melbourne CF.

The A-League is the only professional Australian league. In 2012 the Federation began to debate the creation of a second category and the establishment of promotions, although this idea has not been yet developed. Below we can find the state championships New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory.

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