Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Jordi Torras (Asti)

In today's post, let the grass to move to the blue track, talk about futsal. We talked about Jordi Torras, a legend of futsal, which currently plays in Italy.

Jordi Torras Badosa (San Vicenç dels Barcelona, Horts, ​​September 24 1980) was a full international and FC Barcelona, ​​InterMovistar, Polaris World Cartagena among others.

Jordi Torras in Barcelona as captain, 2014.
Raised in the quarry training of FC Barcelona, ​​this winger-close has a brutal technique and physical power that made ​​him play until his 34 years at the club European champion as captain. Jordi is a player who has done everything in his international career.

World Champion in China-Tapei and European Champion three times.

2010 European champion squad, Hungary

2008 Silver, Brazil World Cup

2007 Cup Europe Portugal,

2005 European Cup Czech Republic

2004 World Cup Chinese Taipei

In terms of clubs, the Catalan firm an enviable track record. Being in Inter Movistar and FC Barcelona a key player and much admired-.

Inter Movistar

2010 - Supercopa of Spain

2009 - Spain Cup

2009 - UEFA Futsal Cup

2008, - Copa Intercontinetal

2008 - European Recopa

2007-2008 - Spanish League

2007 - Supercopa of Spain

Miró Martorell

2003 - Copa Catalunya

One of his best goals. Incredible goal against Marfil Santa Coloma.


2000 - Copa Catalunya

2011 - Cup of Spain

2010-2011, Spanish League

2011-2012, Spanish League

Currently plays for Italian Asti, Primera Division club fighting for the league championship. Massimo Tabbia team is second and since its inception in 2005 has achieved five consecutive promotions, achieving the Coppa Italia last season and being a benchmark for the Italian competition. If this team continues this evolution will soon see in Europe fighting for titles.

Information from: lnfs.com, eurosport.es

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