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Spain - Yugoslavia (Eurocup 2000)

The Jan Breydel was the scene where Yugoslavia and Spain on Wednesday June 21, 2000. This was measured in the third game in the group stage of Euro 2000, held in Belgium and Holland, and was at stake is nothing less than the pass to the quarterfinals. Yugoslavia was the leader of Group C, after tying win against Slovenia and Norway. A selection will Yugoslav worth therefore a draw in the third game.

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Spain, however, was the third classified in Group C, after losing to Norway and Slovenia win. The Spanish team was very difficult its presence in the quarterfinals, and not dependent on it self goal.

Spain was led by Camacho and had, among others, Cañizares, Sergi, Salgado, Abelardo, Helguera or Hierro on defense; Guardiola, Mendieta, Etxeberría or Valeron in midfield; and Raul, Alfonso, Munitis or Urzaiz front.

Within half an hour, the Yugoslav team made ​​no mistake and took the match, thanks to Milosevic, who headed in a cross by Drulovic from the left.

Spain managed to react before Alfonso break and scored the equalizer. But after just six minutes from the break, Govedarica took a pass from Drulovic and a strong shot that beat Canizares was removed. A minute later, in the post kickoff played by the Spanish team, Munitis again tie for Spain with a shot to the right corner of Kralj adjusted.

Jokanovic saw a second yellow card for a foul on Munitis behind and left ten to Yugoslavia for nearly half-hour. This expulsion, at first, seemed to notice the Yugoslav little choice because, for the third time, I went ahead on the scoreboard.

In the absence of fifteen minutes to met the game, Spain lost 3-2 and was mathematically eliminated. The Spanish selection then flipped completely over the goal of Kralj. First Mendieta put back tables, scoring a penalty for a foul committed on Abelardo inside the box. No time to celebrate the tie, Guardiola sent a ball into the box, Urzáiz header gave the ball to Alfonso, who scored the winning goal.

When all seemed lost, Spain again from the ashes and heroically earned his place in the knouckout, Spain lost to France in a match remembered, above all, by the penalty shot and failed Raúl would have meant at least Extension

We leave with a video resume of this fantastic math for all spanish.

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  1. el mejor blog de mi vida! seguid así chicos se aprende un montón con vuestros artículos!! sois geniales

  2. Qué gran gol el de Alfonso! No hizo mucho más en su carrera, pero eso lo vale!! Gracias por recordar ese momento fenómenos!

  3. Borja, estamos muy agradecidos por tu comentario y nos da fuerzas para seguir adelante. Saludos.

  4. Efectivamente Alex, un gran gol que recordamos todos los españoles. Gracias a ti por aportar tu opinión.

  5. Era muy pequeño pero recuerdo mucho de aquel partido, una España que tiró mucho de la épica y fue una verdadera lástima la posterior eliminación ante Francia. Gran artículo.