Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spain - Netherlands (World Cup 2010)

Section inaugurated classical matches with a match that Spaniards remember forever. The final of the World Cup South Africa 2010. That goal of Iniesta will remember all Spaniards and football fans.
Goal of Iniesta (
That game was played in Johannesburg on July 11, 2010 between Spain and the Netherlands. It was the first World Cup disputed on the African continent and did enjoy Africa and around the world, Spain has finished raising the title that rewarded the good football.
The match lasted from the first minute with a clear dominance of the set of Vicente del Bosque. Although Spain clearly dominated Netherlands had their chances on the counter. Two balls Robben left alone with Casillas, but the Spanish goal snatched them both. There was also the final.

Xavi appeared when it is most needed. Despite the tremendous strength of the Dutch, the Spanish brain could weave some of that football with which Spain has conquered the world.
A Dutch team that went to play football not left his country indignant at her third final of the World Cup. Football rewarded the talent and good football, a style marked by a taste for the ball with world class players.
A summary of that historic match and 5 years, divided into text and video of We leave highlights:

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