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River Plate - Boca Junior (Buenos Aires)

In this post we will tell you where the rivalry of one of the classic games for excellence, The River-Boca, two teams with very fiery accounts hobbies and joined by a very special rivalry. According Mascherano (FC Barcelona) are more passionate than Barça - Madrid

September 1931, the first professional league tournament in Argentina. During the amateur time, the friction between the two major emerging Argentine football but had no comparison with what that afternoon would happen.
Coat of River Plate and Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors and River Plate jumped onto the pitch with a swollen exalted. The most expected xeneize the victory of his team who was then leading the standings.

Fifteen minutes River was ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Carlos Peucelle. A quarter of an hour the visitors the lead, fell Varallo River area and the referee did not hesitate a penalty. He had trouble.

The River players ate the referee. In the midst of the tumult the referee expelled three players kicked visitors assumptions to him. River players refused to leave the grass. The one who did was the referee, the match was suspended. After negotiations in costumes did not reach an agreement, the referee did not relent, the three of River (Iribarren, Belvidares and Lugo) should follow the match from the stands, they refused.

The meeting was finally suspended, which angered even more to the masses who wanted the return of pesos paid. Refusal to this reimbursement, as well as the resolution of the party could only have one result. Revueltas outside the stadium. Altercations between fans of Boca and River. The party was given by Boca won in offices, but that was not important. Antonymy between Boca and River was written. 

We leave you with this video with goals in the match played on January 31

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