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Jose Antonio Camacho Alfaro

Today we will talk about a great football player who later served as coach in Spain and far from home, we refer to José Antonio Camacho Alfaro. Born in the town of Cieza in 1955, although six years relocates with his family to Albacete, city where he began to arouse their enthusiasm for this wonderful sport. At 16 he debuted in Albacete youth team in the position of left end.

Realizing few seasons with excellent performance the national coach, Hector Rial, claims him for the Youth Spanish team. Because this amounts to the first team of Albacete where its quality did not go unnoticed and finally in 1973 joined Real Madrid to play in the second team, RM Castilla. The next year he debuted with the first team for 16 seasons and the left would be his claw fighting in every match. During these years he suffered several injuries in the knee, but nevertheless got 9 Leagues, 5 Cups and 2 Champions League.

Camacho before playing a match with Real Madrid

He debut with the Spanish team in 1975, playing a total of 81 games and disputing mundials of Spain 1982 and Mexico 1986. In 1989 he retired as a player to begin his coaching career.

He began coaching the youth team of Real Madrid. In the following years he coached different Spanish teams, harvesting promotions with Rayo Vallecano and Español. In 1998 held the position of National Coach classifying Spain for the World Cup in Korea and Japan. In the 2003-2004 season signed for Benfica, making the team won the Portuguese Cup. Later he can not coach Real Madrid because a disagreements with some players so he decides to return to Benfica until 2008. In that year signed for Osasuna saving descent.

The August 14, 2011 record as coach of the national team of China. Signed a three-year contract in order to qualify for selection for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. The task entrusted to Camacho was quite difficult since previous coaches had managed just poor results due to the poor quality of players. After nearly two years in charge of the team Camacho did not get the expected results failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup and has fallen 30 places in the FIFA rankings. Currently, despite being a great coach and have proven to be a tactical genius does not train any team.

J.A. Camacho during his presentation in China.

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