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Hi everyone, the purpose of this blog is to show the game in its international dimensions . On the one hand, we talk about Spanish players who are playing away from home arround the world and we explain the football in different countries. Then we have a section dedicated to historical matches and other that talks about the most important tournaments in the panorama of modern football . Finally we talk about important teams that have changed the history of football.

The components that are part of this magnificent project are Ruben , Carlos and Jesus. Then we talked about the biography of each.

Rubén Darío Aguado (Jaén, February 11, 1992)
Passionate football, ex- player and student of Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at the University of Alicante.

Formed in the quarry of Real Jaén CF, Ruben got to play in the maximum competition for under-19 national level but due to an injury he had to leave the pitch. He currently serves as head of the sports area of Planning Football, project created to advise and represent young players.

Carlos Gil Martinez (Villena, June 16 1993)
Excited football in all its facets, Carlos is coach football and futsal since 2009 in Bel-liana FS and Villena CF. Underscore the sporting achievements of this great coach at lower levels, where it won two Sometimes the title of Autonomous Champion, three Provincial League and a Cup.

He currently combines his studies of Degree in  Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at the University of Alicante with this work, sharing bench with his father.

Jesus Torregrosa Yagües (Guardamar del Segura , April 10, 1993)
Soccer player in Alone CF from his hometown from age 3 to 18, where due to a knee injury he had to stop practicing this sport, devoting himself exclusively to physical preparation in the same club with the first team.

At the moment studying the Degree in  Physical Activity and Sport  Sciences at the University of Alicante, however continues to help the club of his life forming players.

Our bloggers working at the Stadium Martinez Valero in Elche, 2014.
(In order: Rubén, Jesús and Carlos)


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