Saturday, 21 March 2015


Belgium is an extraordinary country, located in the center of the European continent. It is a member of the European Union with an important heritage, it is an excellent tourist destination which also has a delicious gastronomy. In the other hand, in the sports side and more specifically in football, it has one of the most important continental level as in the last years it has developed into a high quality team.

The Belgium Football Team has a long history with multiple sporting achievements, at Euro 1972 he achieved a third position, and in 1980 didn’t win the final against the Italian team so they had to accept their second place. Since 2004 it suffered a drawback in quality among the players and the technical’s level so it didn’t get selected for any European and World Championship except in the World Cup Brazil in 2014. In this championship they achieved a very good classification getting to the quarter finals.

At the personal level, the Belgian team has players that have become important. Some of them are Jan Ceulemans, Timmy Simons and Eric Greets, with more than 90 games each with the selection and Paul van Himst as top scorer with 81 goals.

Currently this selection is among the best in Europe with an excellent team . This can be seen in its latest call for a great competition, as it was the World Cup Brazil 2014. As a coach, Marc Wilmots. From 2009-2012 he was the technical assistant of the team but since 2012 he has been training the Belgian team combining it as the head coach. in goal highlights the presence of Thibaut Courtois, Chelsea goalkeeper CF, players like Thomas Vermaelen, Vincent Kompany and Daniel Van Buyten were in charge of defending the Belgian goal. In the midfield there are two players, Eden Hazard, excellent player of Chelsea FC and Adnan Januzaj, fast and agile player who plays for Manchester United. In front stands the young striker, 21, Romelu Lukaku.

This team has great potential and great young players struggling to achieve their dream of playing in the absolute selection, so that in the future they will fight to achieve great victories in bigger competitions.


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