Sunday, 22 March 2015

Rubén de la Cuesta (Sucre, Bolivia)

Now is the day when, as I said in the post about "Copa Libertadores" will reveal the name and history of the only Spanish footballer who currently plays in this year.

And he is ... Rubén Cuesta (1981 ) midfielder from Cordoba who emigrated two years ago to Bolivia in search of success that was denied in the fields of Second and Second B. After his experience in Cordoba, Ecija, Atletico Madrid B, Zamora, Guadalajara, Lucena and Linense, met new accents and dialects that led him to become champion of the Bolivian Clausura with Universitario de Sucre, and, of course, to fight against the big teams in Latin America in this edition of the Copa Libertadores.

Rubén that the Spanish footballer is very regarded in Bolivia and encourage anyone to try in this league. Although being respected and being a leader one would have to win being humble, hardworking, by example. His experience in Bolivia highlights being very rich, knowing another culture, different places, different people and the ability to play another championship that has nothing to do with the Spanish.
On the Bolivian league there are some delays in certain equipment as to collecting the bills, but it has nothing to do with what happens now in Spain. In his team, Universitario de Sucre, are serving very well and is grateful to be a serious club.

Match  in Bolivia
Currently , he does not think back to Spain and want to end up playing in Argentina or Brazilian league, but you never know. It is focused on making the best paper possible in the Copa Libertadores and time will decidemore.

And finally, we close with a phrase spoken by Ruben, and in which particular I can very agree "Those who say that football it is easy to know nothing of life. Football is a reflection of life ". 

And a video with some of his hightlights. 

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