Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brazil 70's

In this post we present one of the best teams in football history, the famous Brazilian World of 70s. In a country where football is more than a sport, a lifestyle. Watching football with joy, a feeling that they want to feel every time the ball touches his feet.

Final Mexico 1970 (From:

In Brazil, the five-time champion of the world, always remember that Brazil than in the 70 dazzled the world at the World Cup finals in Mexico, and today is still considered as not the best, one of the best teams in football history.

Pelé, considered one of the best players in history, led the team that played with five tens. These were Gerson, Tostao, Rivelino, Jairzinho and Pelé himself.

Directed by Mario Zagallo, winning six matches at the World Cup in Mexico, achieved a wonderful touch football and creation that still longing Brazilians.

This equipment with type alignment, which went down in football history:

                                              Goalkeeper: Felix

Right winger: Marco Antonio                                 Left winger: Carlos Alberto

                      Central Right: Brito         Central Left: Piazza

                     midfield: Clodoaldo            midfield: Gerson

Right Wing: Jairzinho                                        Left Wing: Rivelino

                      Forward: Pele                 Forward: Tostao

Line-up Brazil 1970 in Azteca Stadium (ESPNsports)

All remember the famous shot of Carlos Alberto, where in the “canarinha” moved the ball like a work of art. 

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