Sunday, 3 May 2015

United States

Today we talked about how football is lived in the US, a country that increasingly pays more attention to the most popular sport in the world.

After the Brazilian was they who bought more tickets to watch the World 196 838 according to FIFA. More than triple the Argentine and German, who bought tickets 61,477 and 58,983, respectively.

For a country with over 300 million people and a huge population of Latino and immigrant, seemed a matter of time that the US embraced once the soccer. To the extent that the audience the game against Ghana's World Cup in Brazil managed to exceed the average viewer of an NFL game in New York. Some 16 million Americans watched the match, a million more than the average of the last final of the League of Professional Baseball and more than triple the end of ice hockey.

And people start to realize how amazing which is a World Cup and is currently the fastest growing in the US, and that this has only just begun

The Major League Soccer, still a young tournament, contesting his 19th season, has to compete for support, respect, holders Press and care in a traditionally dominated by baseball, basketball and rugby country and wants to prolong the wave of support that are experiencing this summer beyond, over the coming years, when the league expands.

The Orlando City, which has joined this season, has already caused a sensation by signing Kaka, while the New York City FC, who also entered this 2015, has become in turn the services of David Villa and Frank Lampard, which has aroused great interest in a club that will not play his first match for another six months.

And with David Beckham after a club based in Miami who wants to join the league in 2017, success and support experienced by the soccer in the United States this summer 2014 could be just the tip of the iceberg.

The men's team has won 5 Gold Cups and participated 9 times in the World Cup. While the women's team is the best in the world in its category, and has won 2 World Cups and 4 gold medals at the Olympics Games.

The women´s team US

We hope you have been able to bring as living and growing the sport in the greatest world power .

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