Sunday, 10 May 2015

Arsenal 2003-04

This post will discuss the incredible season that Arsenal made ​​in Premier League in 2003 and 2004. Dubbed “the invincible”.

Arsenal in Highbury win the Premier League Cup, 2004.

That season, the 38 Premier League matches, the Gunners won 26 games, 12 draws and no defeats. For a total of 90 points, 11 ahead of Chelsea team, that curiously eliminated them in Europe in quarter-finals at UEFA Champions League.

That team entered football history, not only for its record but for his excellent play and ball control.

From that incredible team, we emphasize fantastic players like:

Thierry Henry: 27 goals in this league top scorer of the French team and leading scorer in the history of Arsenal.

Dennis Bergkamp: third top scorer in the Netherlands national team, with great technique and a experience that did wonders in Highbury. His last game for Arsenal was the Paris final against FC Barcelona.

In order: Vieira, Pires, Henry and Ashley Cole.

Jens Lehmann: German goalkeeper who made ​​an insurance goal gunner.

Patrick Vieira: French midfielder world champion and Europe. Great strength andSilva.

Gilberto Silva: Brazilian midfielder. That season he played 32 games and was instrumental in winning the title

Fredy Ljungberg: Swedish runner, got 4 goals that season and displayed great football in midfield gunner. 

Robert Pires: Also French player, 14 goals and 7 assists this season. He made ​​an extraordinary season. Later he went to Villareal.

José Antonio Reyes: The Seville joined Arsenal as a rising star, he did not play bad season but gunners expected more from him.


  1. Que gran equipo sin duda, yo también soy gunner!!!

  2. Gran plantilla y gran equipo el de aquel año, un equipo de leyenda que le faltó la Champions. Un saludo!

  3. Así es, creemos que fue un equipo que deslumbró al mundo y marcó una época aún sin ganar ningún título europeo. La honradez y el fútbol inglés perfectamente escenificado en un temporada inolvidable en este barrio de Londres.

  4. Buen equipo,buena entrada y buen blog. Enhorabuena.