Monday, 23 February 2015

Juan Mata (Manchester)

Today we bring an excerpt from the interview with El Pais to Juan Mata (Burgos, 1988), a Spanish who after playing through the ranks at Real Madrid CF and Valencia CF, decided to emigrate to the UK to aspire to major titles, and the now it is getting, since account has the honor of having achieved World Cup and European Championship with the Spanish team and Champions League and Europa League among other titles with Chelsea FC after calling at some of the most successful clubs in Europe, Manchester United FC, tells how some aspects of his life there.

Mata in a news conference

"The people here (Manchester), the North, is considerably closer than the southern. This is the real England, deep. In London, for example, everything goes much faster and everyone goes about their business. Manchester is very industrial, but also very good atmosphere, a good university environment and the old town is nice. I can not compare London with any city in the world, it's complicated. For me it is amazing. Almost everything you can imagine it does. Here, however, the lifestyle is much quieter. In London lived in an apartment in the center of town, and here I opted for a house on the outskirts, near the sports city.

In addition, the Premier love you. I always liked English football, fields ... I also like the british culture, English style, music and fashion; the mod roll there. For the player, life here is much quieter. I recently remarked on Di Maria. Come, train, nobody enters the sports city and go to your quiet home. There is a lot more privacy.

"About other personal issues, Juan Mata is enrolled at the University Camilo José Cela, in INEF and Marketing, and promises that it will end. No one knows when, slowly but surely, but promises consumed. Do not think I should stop studying to be a footballer, but merely postpone it.

Finally, on non-call in the last two calls of the Spanish team says feel that is valued more in England than in Spain. Because since his debut with the national team, at age 20, has gone to all the major championships. Needed to play, so he decided to come to Manchester. Now he has not said Vicente, but does not seek excuses or justifications. He continues to work as usual for maximum efficiency. From there, the choice is yours.

From "Gol fuera de casa" are convinced that soon will enter the list of top 23 players of Spain, and of course, continue adding successes from Manchester to its extensive list. We parted with a video so that you enjoy them their skills.

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  1. Buenos días, excelente entrada dedicada a un gran jugador donde se recoge información desconocida por parte de los aficionados a este deporte. Seguid así, gran trabajo.